Corporate Social Responsibly

NovaMed is committed to playing an active role in supporting and improving the quality of life of its own workforce and contributing beneficially to the environment and society at large. To this end, our social initiatives are designed to encompass both internal and external CSR; an endeavor to contribute to not only public good, but also to protect and enhance the well-being of our own employees.

Internal CSR

NovaMed believes that the dedication and commitment of our employees has been integral to our growth and development; and as such, we take special consideration in our social responsibility towards them. We provide monthly rations and provisions to almost one-third of our labor workforce in order to ensure their sustenance and to ease their financial burdens. Simultaneously, in light of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity we provide boarding and lodges to all company personnel from geographically distinct backgrounds. Likewise, to promote relationship building and social development, we hold quarterly recreational activities to engage our employees in a stress free environment and to encourage harmony and goodwill.

Liaisons with Universities and Research Support

Since we believe that education and training is mandatory for students to succeed in their professional lives, we have developed liaisons with multiple universities including Government College, Forman Christian University, COMSATS, Hamid Latif Medical College, University College of Pharmacy Lahore, Hajvery University Lahore etc. where we provide merit-based funding for exceptional students from underprivileged backgrounds to complete their MPhil studies. We also provide students the equipment and support to aid their research and provide internship opportunities for their professional training and skill building.

Education and Donations

Our other external CSR activities include the following:

  • quarterly donations of medicines to trust foundations
  • education and awareness camps
  • counselling and guidance for students