Our values include the following:

Mutual Respect:

NovaMed believes in communicating openly and honestly with our clients, suppliers and employees. Our interactions with all external and internal parties/individuals are characterized with cordiality and civility – where freedom of thought, opinion and perspective is respected.


We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty and insist on the highest ethical standards and transparency from our employees in all interactions. Everything we do must stand public scrutiny.


Simplicity is the hallmark of NovaMed ethics. We like to keep things straight, simple and functional.

Value Generation:

We ensure profitable growth through the development of a wide range of innovative products in different dosage forms across different therapeutic classes.

Customer Satisfaction:

We aim to understand and respond to the dynamic needs and requirements of our customers; and conduct ourselves to ensure the provision of excellent services/products in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our People:

We believe in fostering a positive working environment which promotes skill-development, diversity, work-life balance, empowerment and tangible employee involvement in the decision making process. Our aim is to teach and train all our employees to become competent professionals and well-rounded individuals in all aspects of life.